Identity & Access

Give your staff easy access to the tools they need, without adding to security risks.

The Challenges

  • Your employees need to remember multiple user names and passwords to access various systems and applications.
  • Employees often forget user names and passwords which impacts their ability to complete tasks.
  • Employees share log in details, making it difficult to know who has completed which tasks.
  • When an employee leaves the business, multiple accounts in multiple systems need to be disabled

Our ID & Access Management gives flexible options for user account and password management, allowing Single Sign-On (SSO) across the Fourth Platform and other systems.

Key Benefits

  • Role-based access to all applications with one user name and password.
  • Integration opportunities to allow access to non-Fourth applications with the same credentials.
  • Ensures all staff have the right levels of access appropriate to the tasks they do – no more sharing log in details. 
  • Disabling a leaver’s account immediately stops access to all the relevant applications. 
  • Industry standard protocols for outbound and inbound federation, and synchronisation of user data. 



Single Sign-on

The Problem
Managing access to the various tools staff need to do their job can be a challenge if you’re using multiple systems. And the more systems you have, the worse the problem can be. Not only do employees need to know which systems to log into, but they also have to remember multiple user names and passwords. And if they forget their credentials, this delays work being completed and causes frustration.

Our Solution
With the Fourth Platform, users can access all the tools they need through a single user name and password. Not only can they access all areas of the platform, but also any integrated non-Fourth applications. No more lost passwords or frustrated employees. And if you’re using Active Directory, Okta or another authentication service, users can log into the Fourth Platform using their corporate credentials.

Single sign on



User Management

The Problem
With a high turnover of staff in the industry, staying on top of creating and disabling accounts can be difficult. Users need to be set up for access to the tools they’ll need quickly so they can get started, and when an employee leaves the business this access needs to be removed just as swiftly.

Our Solution
With the Fourth Platform each person who needs access – from your management team viewing Analytics, or casual staff checking payslips – is provided with a Fourth Account. Through this single account, they’ll have all the relevant levels of access to the tools they need to do their job. And when they leave, disabling the Fourth Account disables all access to the applications associated to it, leaving only temporary access to Employee Self-Service for payslips and P45s.