The Fourth Platform is the simple way to hire, train, remunerate and retain the best talent. It reduces admin so managers spend less time in the back office and more front of house. And it provides a single user name and password for employees and managers to access all the tools they need.





Our Workforce Management solution is available in four Editions, depending on how much control you want.


Workforce Management Solutions

  • Applicant Tracking

    Hire the best people quickly and easily. Our flexible, digital and branded processes let you recruit the way you want and give applicants the best possible experience. Approval workflows ensure compliance with no delays or cumbersome admin.

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  • HR & Onboarding

    Keep all your HR information in one place in the cloud. Give managers the tools they need to support their teams and comply with legislation. Provide employees with the self-service options they prefer.

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  • Workforce Planning

    Make even smarter workforce decisions and watch your profits rise, your service improve and your customers come back for more. Let staff and managers use their mobile devices to make shift management easier and more collaborative.

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  • Payroll & Benefits

    Our payroll system is specifically built to support shift workers, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, CSP policies, additional payments, sign off processes and more. Plus you get a fully automated, completely compliant pension process. (Or you can outsource the entire process to us.)

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  • Employee Engagement

    Improve communication across your entire organisation. Employees get essential information quickly and easily on their mobile device, so they’re more engaged and stay with the business longer.

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