Applicant Tracking

Snap up talented candidates without cutting corners

To recruit the best employees you need a process that is quick and easy for both applicants and hiring managers, while making sure all the relevant checks and balances have been completed. You also need to make sure that every stage of that process is completely on-brand, to immerse applicants in your company culture from day one.

The Challenge

  • Hiring good staff takes too long and involves too much paperwork.
  • Right to work checks can be complex, and any photos of documents left on managers’ phones risk GDPR non-compliance.
  • If applications come via a job board, the applicant details can be accessible by your competitors.
  • You find good candidates but they end up going elsewhere.

Key Benefits

  • Drastically reduce the time and cost of hiring new staff.
  • Eliminate paper with a fully digital process, including electronic signatures.
  • Safely decentralise recruitment, with approval workflows that give hiring managers a ‘safety net’ and make sure all relevant steps are completed.
  • Ensure eligibility and GDPR compliance with secure identity checking.
  • Immerse applicants in your culture from day one with fully branded content and communications.



Digital dashboard to ease applicant tracking and speed up the recruitment process.


Digital Dashboard

The Problem
Paper-based recruitment processes take too long, which means you can miss out on the best talent. It’s also difficult for people to see where they are and what to do next.

Our Solution
Hiring managers use the fully branded and intuitive digital dashboard to search, filter, screen and manage candidates, and get an overview of trends, issues or opportunities. Everyone can see where they are and what needs to happen next, which speeds up the whole process.

Job Board Integration

The Problem
If your application process is long and complex, you’re less likely to get high-quality applicants. You need a process that’s quick and easy to complete.

Our Solution
We integrate with all the major job boards and we’re constantly adding to the list. Processes are streamlined, and candidates can move through the application without having to duplicate information, thus reducing drop-off.

Vacancy Creation

The Problem
Managers need to fill vacancies fast and lengthy creation and approval processes cause unwanted delays. However, you still need to control what information gets released outside the company.

Our Solution
With pre-templated job descriptions, vacancies can be created with a click of a button. Permissions determine who can edit what, which keeps the relevant controls in place without delaying the process. And because we integrate with the most popular job sites, you can post direct to job boards from within the system.

Right to Work Checks

The Problem
Right to work checks need to be a quick and easy part of the recruitment process, but ID checking often results in photos of passports or personal data being left on managers’ phones, presenting a GDPR compliance risk.

Our Solution
Secure identity checking via our app, not the manager’s phone, ensures the applicant’s personal data is kept secure and transferred at the right time. And because checks are completed in around 20 minutes, you can get a response before the interview has even finished.

Applicant tracking - Secure Right to Work checks that minimise risk of GDPR non-compliance

Applicant Scoring

The Problem
Sifting through applicant information to find the best talent takes a long time. Which is exactly what managers don’t have. There’s always a risk that good candidates slip through the net.

Our Solution
You can screen applicants using whatever scoring system you choose, allowing managers to quickly identify the strongest candidates. Different actions or responses can be weighted in different ways, so you can find the candidates that are the best fit. You can even integrate third-party psychometric tests to provide a clearer picture.

Bespoke Applicant Processes

The Problem
In hospitality, a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work. You need flexibility to get the information you need and ensure the best fit with your company culture.

Our Solution
We help you scope out the number of roles and application processes you need and then build the processes accordingly. They can be as long, short, complex or simple as you like.

CV Parsing

The Problem
For candidates that speculatively drop in their CV or come through an agency, you need a way to quickly and easily bring them into your recruitment process and make sure you’re not duplicating data.

Our Solution
Fast, efficient parsing of CVs is key to our system. CVs can be uploaded so the relevant information is extracted and included in the application, triggering an alert if you find a duplicate candidate.

Talent Pool

The Problem
Sometimes great candidates come your way, but they aren’t an exact fit. If you simply discard them, you lose the chance of placing them in the right role next time.

Our Solution
Manage your talent in a way that gives them a positive brand experience, adding good candidates to your private company talent pool to return to later. Our multi-level candidate search capability means you can find the best local talent and keep them notified of opportunities.


The Problem
Paper-based, manual recruitment processes make it difficult to see exactly what’s happening with roles and candidates. To truly understand your recruitment processes, you need to bring data together manually.

Our Solution
Our reports let managers see the whole process, so they can monitor, measure and track recruitment at every stage. You can spot changes in habits before they affect your recruitment volumes, and gain valuable insights by correlating ATS, HR and labour productivity data in Fourth Analytics.

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Our Workforce Management solution is available in four Editions, depending on how much control you want.


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