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Employee lifecycle management. Delivered.

Managing people can seem as challenging as catching water in your hands. You want to hire the right people to complement your existing team, nurture each employee's development and pay everyone accurately.

Meet Your Challenges

  • Manage and retain the best - clearly, simply and transparently.
  • Eliminate paper from the onboarding process.
  • Automatically adjust pay to reflect holiday allowance adherence and unauthorised absences.
  • Know how your teams are really doing - and who your stars are.

Take control of your workforce’s information and development. With our HR software solution, you have all of your HR information in one place in the cloud. Now your managers are freed from unnecessary admin so they can focus on customers and staff.

Key Benefits

  • One system for all employees avoids duplication and error.
  • Key controls ensure statutory compliance for all employees at all times.
  • Applicants without appropriate eligibility to work are automatically excluded at the start of the recruitment process.
  • Our tools help you manage holidays and dramatically reduce unauthorised absences.
  • Open architecture allows simple integration with other systems, such as applicant tracking.
  • Fourth Analytics provides insightful, graphical dashboards to drive even better decision making.



Employee Database

The Problem
Managing a staff of permanent, seasonal and transient workers can be a minefield. Lateness, absenteeism, non-adherence to holiday allowances and maverick pay, all recorded - or not - on hundreds of spreadsheets hit margins and impede operational efficiency.

Our Solution
With our HR software solution, you have the latest versions of all HR data in one place, securely stored and accessible in the cloud. You can easily integrate to Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to draw all employee details through from their application. By eliminating duplication, errors, unnecessary spend and administration, you can now focus on efficiency and margin growth. Your employees get easy-to-use, permission-based mobile self-service to update their personal details. And you gain significant cost savings in administrative overhead.

Employee Database


Digital Onboarding

The Problem
Once you’ve found the right candidate, you want to get them in and started as quickly as possible. Aside from giving you an administration headache to prepare and send, paper documents add delays and make it difficult to keep on top.

Our Solution
Complete the recruitment process quickly and effectively with a completely paperless solution. Electronically sign documents and confirm identities, and create the employee record at the touch of a button, with all data automatically linked to it. Candidates can complete documents on any device at any time and managers can track their status, making the process simple for everyone while eliminating postage costs and delays.

Employee Eligibility


Eligibility to Work

The Problem
With the threat of heavy fines for non-compliance, you need to make sure you’re on top of eligibility to work requirements for all your staff. And with a high number of employees and seasonal workers, this can be more difficult that it seems.

Our Solution
We've done the hard work for you with smart HR management software that keeps pace with all changes to the criteria. And by automatically flagging when visas or other documents are near to expiry, you can be confident these can be addressed before they become an issue.

Holidays & Absence

The Problem
Keeping track of all the moving parts in a large workforce can be a challenge. Managing accurate pro rata/flexible working holiday calculations, recording authorised and non-authorised absences and adjusting pay to reflect these instances, rob you of time to focus on growing the business.

Our Solution
Our cloud HR software makes it easy to keep track. Holiday and absence performance data in the employee database gives full visibility of staff activities for better decision making. Year-to-date reports enable optimum holiday coverage planning and eliminate unnecessary spend, while wages are adjusted automatically to reflect holiday allowance adherence and unauthorised absences.

Holidays & Absence





The Problem
You need to retain the best talent. Recruiting and training is costly and labour intensive - and so often, excellent staff leave simply because they cannot see a career development path. The cost and effort of re-recruitment and re-training restarts.

The Solution
Career development is part of the course with the our solution. The training feature helps develop career paths at all levels, maximising staff effectiveness and retention. Tracking tools show progression and retention and help you identify internal promotions for succession planning. You can create employee development roadmaps showing achievements and craft appraisals and full reporting on outcomes with reminders and development plans, by job title and location. And because of our open architecture, you can easily integrate with leading online learning systems.

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Fourth’s Workforce Management solutions are available in four Editions designed to meet the level of control you want, to deliver immediate ROI and provide scale as your business grows.


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