Scheduling and Labour Management for Hotels

Ready to Supercharge Your Labour Productivity?

With inbound tourism set to grow to £57 billion by 2025, now is the time to get our brand-new Hotel Workforce Management solution. Specifically designed to attend to the modern unique needs of the hotel industry, so you can deliver high productivity, while maximising profits by keeping labour costs in check, all while providing an outstanding service to your guests.


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Maximise Your Profit

Optimise your labour deployment through role-based Labour Standards that accurately calculate the ideal time for every hotel job and task, by interacting with service demand so you can rely on genuine insights for future labour demand to maximise profit.
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Deliver Outstanding Service

Intelligent activity drivers, that can be designed in different ways, are key factors to align labour standards to service demand in order to accurately forecast labour needs across one or multiple departments, in a single calculation.

Build Strategic Rotas

Flexible work sessions are designed to meet the unique scheduling needs of hotels by accommodating quiet and busy periods, while reducing the risk of over- or understaffing. The dynamic scheduling tool makes it easier and faster to build rotas, fully optimised for mobile use, allowing department managers to make changes on the go, while employees can access their schedules through the app to swap or apply for open shifts.

Be in Control of Variable Costs

Manage 3rd party staff agencies through a centralised database of all agency information and integration of contractors roles and hourly rates available for each department directly within the scheduling tool, so department managers have full visibility of agency options and variable costs.

Integrate Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance solutions integrate seamlessly into your scheduling tool, allowing you to track employee attendance, availability and actual hours worked, all in real time.

Understand Your Data

Receive insightful reports straight into your inbox with graphical dashboards providing visibility into labour costs and employee performance, across all departments and locations.

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