Fourth at the 2019 NRA Show: Sustainability as a competitive advantage

Written by: Jane Handel

Live from NRA: reducing waste
Sustainability and reducing environmental impact are major trends at the 2019 National Restaurant Association show, and key themes for 2019. In addition to all the wasted resources that go into producing food that ends up in the trash, the inefficiencies in the kitchen can add up to a huge environmental toll, and a big dent to your restaurant’s bottom line. 

From inefficient prep, to poor inventory management, to wasted and expiring ingredients, to unfinished portions on guests’ plates, many operators are leaving money on the table. But many are catching on. Zero-waste cooking/upcycling, “rescued” ingredients and using “ugly” food, simplifying menus and using versatile ingredients across the menu, recycling cooking oils, and improving inventory management emerged common themes throughout the 2019 NRA Show.

Savvy operators recognize that environmental sustainability is necessary for the planet, better for business, and critical when it comes to attracting environmentally-conscious guests: it can be a clear competitive advantage. We attended a session on the Benefits of Waste Reduction with Kathryn Fenner from Technomic, Inc., which shared that 83% of consumers consider food waste reduction to be an important sustainability initiative, and 42% of diners are more likely to visit a restaurant if the establishment is implementing food waste initiatives. 

In our Earth Day blog post, we covered 5 ways to help your restaurant reduce waste and increase profit. For additional information on how your restaurant can limit its environmental impact while boosting the bottom line, download our complimentary white paper.

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