Managing invoices by exception–an exceptionally good idea

Written by: Jane Handel

Managing invoices by exceptionAs any restaurant operator or manager knows, running the day-to-day comes with a million demands on your time. 

In an industry with particularly tight margins and volatility, each inefficiency and every wasted second means less profitability. 

There are many tasks that simply must be done to ensure that you’re running your restaurant smoothly and profitability. For example, reviewing invoices. Any mistake in pricing or incorrect delivery directly impacts your bottom line. But it takes a lot of time to review every single invoice against every delivery against every original order, and of course time is money. So what can you do?

With the right technology, your invoices can be managed by exception. This means that you only have to review the invoices that do not match the purchase order or goods receiving note. Automatic three-way invoice matching compares the original order to the delivery note to the invoice. If everything matches, then the invoice is automatically marked for processing. Any discrepancies (such as errors or erroneous charges in the invoice, or incorrect quantities or items in the delivery, or items missing from an order) are highlighted for review. Equipped with the relevant information, your manager can focus on reviewing and clearing up these issues in the moment, while there is still time to make it right. Errors are caught instantly and since managers only have to review the ones that don’t add up, time isn’t lost sifting through piles of otherwise correct information.

Managing by exception allows your restaurant saves countless hours of tedious busywork, by only having to deal with errors when they arise. It is one of many strategies that can help your restaurant operate more profitability while easing the burden for your staff.

To learn more about managing by exception and how to make your back-office operations more efficient, get in touch with us here or for more hints and tips on improving efficiency, download our complimentary Increasing Restaurant Profitability Guide.

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