If your goal is profitable growth, Fourth's cloud-based hospitality solutions can help achieve it.

Global barriers are falling and disposable income is rising. In hospitality, the name of the game is growth and service. Our customers expand with confidence because the hospitality solution they use to control costs and optimize profits is truly global.

Bars & Pubs

From 1 site to 10,000, restaurant operators want the same thing - menu items that customers love. They want exactly the right number of people to give great service, whatever the time of day – making customers look forward to returning, again and again.

Fourth provides the tools to deliver all this efficiently and profitably. No more items off the menu, no more over- or understaffing, just efficiency - and that makes it great for everyone.

I’m impressed with how Fourth is enabling us to run more efficiently.

Lee Woolley Head of HR
Stonegate Pub Company

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Catering Services

Seamless, professional service, food and drinks prepared to spec and job profitably: it all starts with planning.

From the biggest party to an intimate gathering, from office canteens to stadiums, Fourth has the tools to get it right, the first time and every time. Our technology removes catering complexity, enabling total focus on the customer.

The simplicity of the Fourth systems is a real plus - it just works, and … and we have been able to raise the skill level of the finance team. Manual entry is virtually eliminated, so we can now invest in better qualified people doing analysis rather than processing – and that adds real value.

Gareth Harrison Joint MD
Harrison's Catering Service

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Food On The Go

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Hotels & Resorts

Ensuring the best experience for your guests means making sure the right people and products are in the right place at the right time.
Fourth’s solutions for hotels fully automate the purchase-to-pay and inventory process, while also helping hire, train, remunerate and retain the best talent. This frees up manager’s time, allowing them to spend more time with guests, and less time in the back-office.

We employ over 800 people across 8 Hilton hotels. Fourth T&A ensures that they are paid accurately for the time actually worked. On-demand, indisputable attendance information not only saves our managers hours compared to our previous manual system, but also ensures we are fully compliant with our responsibilities around working time directives, health and safety and fire reports. Our managers don’t need to be there 24/7 to get a true picture of any lateness or inconsistencies.

Dan Merchant Human Resources Director

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