Bar Louie choose Fourth to improve staff scheduling and sales forcasting accuracy

Bar Louie has chosen Fourth's workforce planning solution to help them make better business decisions by improving forecasting and scheduling.

Prior to using Fourth's solutions, managers at Bar Louie were putting sales forecasting and schedules into multiple places, and employees were relying on Excel spreadsheets to see their shifts. Not only was this a complicated and laborious process for employees, but also meant directors spent hours working with their teams to validate their schedules and forecasts.

Recognizing their credibility and expertise in forecasting, Bar Louie has been working with Fourth to improve their manager's sales forecasting, which allows them to shift from being reactive to a more proactive approach. The result is that Bar Louie is now able to match workload activity to 15-minute increments and re-base the labor they use at peak, leading to deployment of team at 85 percent correct hours and a 5 percent improvement on sales. What's more, the solution has eliminated duplicate tasks, saving managers five hours per week in admin time.

In the video below you can see Tony Wehner, COO, and Jessica Carolyn, Franchise Support and Culinary Operations, at Bar Louie talk about the solution, and how it has helped them revolutionize labor scheduling. You can watch the summary video below, or fill out the form to watch the full 11 minute clip.

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Bar Louie reveal how Fourth's workforce planning solution is helping them improve business decisions by giving them forward-looking analytics.

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