Powerful analytics to keep you on top of your recipes, purchasing, inventory and suppliers.

You need intelligent reporting instantly on purchase-to-pay, recipes and menus. Imagine the benefits if you could analyze your data any way you like, any time.

The Challenge

  • You know what you’re spending and you know what you’re making – but you don’t understand how they are linked.
  • You rely too much on ‘gut feel’ to decide which are your most profitable dishes and best suppliers.
  • Too many processes are left untouched, when they could be the source of significant savings or revenue.
  • Data is trapped in diverse departments, making it hard for the business to take a holistic view and effective action.

Key Benefits

  • See how well the business is really doing using the demand forecasting and sales mix features.
  • Understand the true effectiveness of your procurement process and where compliance and efficiency can be improved.
  • Easily see which recipes are your best performers and which aren’t profitable.
  • Analyse the quality of your inventory management.
  • See your best suppliers and those that need improvement with the supplier balanced scorecard.
  • Relevant teams receive automated reports and updates, enabling them to take immediate action.
  • Data is freed from silos, transformed into intelligence and put into the hands of the operation.
  • Decisions can now be made based on the latest facts and one version of the truth.





The Problem
Understanding and acting on the patterns in your purchase-to-pay data is the dream. The reality is often the opposite, with so many streams of data that it’s almost impossible to get the real story.

Our Solution
Fourth Analytics’ dashboards show you everything you need to know. Automated reporting enables you to benchmark all vendors on delivery and pricing compliance. Now you can negotiate better prices and streamline your supplier base.


The Problem
Whether you have five outlets or 500, managing inventory is hard. Measuring cost before it’s spent, identifying causes of waste, avoiding over-ordering and excess stockholding, and reducing theft can be time-consuming, labor-intensive and sometimes impossible.

Our Solution
Fourth’s inventory control software and interactive analytics dashboards work together to show who's accountable across all stock, including non-food and non-beverage items. Inventory check results are analysed to spot trends. Smart charts highlight discrepancies between actual and theoretical. Excess stockholdings are eliminated and waste is typically reduced by 1-3% through full accountability.


Choose one of four Editions of our Purchase-to-Pay and Inventory solution, depending on how much control you want.

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