Third Party Data

Complete intelligence. Whenever you want it.

You don't just need to integrate with in-house systems like POS, but also with external sources of intelligence. Attempting to accomplish this can seem impossible with all the disparate system and information streams, but you know that accessing these data sources can result in more thorough analysis and ultimately better performance.

Meet Your Challenges

  • See beyond your own data.
  • Connect reliably with the outside world and make better decisions on customer feedback, environmental health and Facebook ratings.
  • Manage your workflow better with smart integration with kitchen display systems.

Fourth brings all the silos together and breaks down barriers - so you see a much bigger picture than your competitors

Key Benefits

  • Fourth Analytics takes feeds from anywhere including mystery diner data, Facebook, environmental health, and kitchen display systems - so you can gain insight from all the sources that matter.
  • The data provided on your business is transformed into easy-to-interpret and useful intelligence
  • With Fourth's third party analytics integration all the information that once had to be manually compiled, is now available in user-friendly dashboards, ready for taking immediate action.
Recipe Edition Procure Edition Premium Edition Enterprise Edition
P2P Recipe Edition is ideal for recipe, allergen, and menu cycles management. P2P Procure Edition gives you procurement tools such as electronic ordering, catalog management, and supplier network connections. P2P Premium Edition combines Recipe Edition and Procure Edition into a single unified tool. And it’s easy to upgrade from either to Premium. P2P Enterprise Edition does everything Premium does, plus order matching, inventory management, receiving, requisitions, POS integration, cost control analysis and more.

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All you need to run Fourth’s products is a device with an internet browser. Yup, that’s it.