Mobile Apps

We know that millennial workers demand more on mobile, and that mobile applications are the key to getting the manager out of the back office and making life as easy as possible for employees.

Fourth's mobile apps are accessible directly from the Fourth Platform with only one user name and password.

That’s why we’ve developed a range of mobile applications that allow key tasks to be completed on the go, all accessible from the Fourth Platform.


  • Speed up the ordering process with searches, drafts, templates and the ability to copy previous to quickly build orders.
  • Ensure purchasing compliance with order limits and only compliant products being available.
  • Stay on top of orders easily with electronic responses from vendors and order statuses.
  • Ensure optimum stock levels with ability to see stock-on-hand, stock-on-order and par-levels for each item, plus in app notifications when it’s nearly time to place an order.
Ordering mobile app


Receiving mobile app



  • Speed up the goods receiving process with quick access to pending deliveries, and ability to quickly receive by exception by swiping to accept or reject, or amend quantities or weights as required.
  • Ensure accuracy and reduce the need for corrections later which slows down the purchase-to-pay process.


  • Speeds up inventory counting with the ability to create and manage stock areas on the fly, and easily add ‘write-in items as required.
  • Ensure accuracy by allowing staff to count what’s in front of them rather than what’s on the sheet, with no need to re-key data.
  • Count anywhere, with ability to count offline and upload once connected to the network.
Counting mobile app


Scheduling mobile app


My Schedules

  • Ensures effective communication with schedules being published to the app and notifications for both employees and managers.
  • Improve employee engagement with collaborative scheduling, allowing employees to set preferred unavailability and managers to create ‘open’ shifts that employees can volunteer for.
  • Minimize understaffing with managers able to quickly offer shifts if someone is absent or a last-minute event is booked.

Fourth Engage

  • Simple, secure communication with the entire business, or specific groups.
  • Retain and engage your most talented staff with employees building stronger relationships and teams kept motivated, loyal and on-brand through regular communication.
  • Increase the efficiency of HR teams by allowing employees to access their own details electronically, including all payroll and paid time off information.
Fourth Engage - mobile app for employee engagement


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