Get the right product in the right place at the right price and time. With Fourth, the P2P process is automated, streamlined and totally compliant.

Fourth's purchase-to-pay software is a fully integrated, mobile solution for procurement, accounts payable 3-way match automation, and inventory and recipe control. Our solution is powered by demand forecasting functionality and world-class analytics, overlaid with the predicted sales mix. Now you can be confident that your operation has what it needs, when it needs it.






Adaco is now part of Fourth's Purchase-to-Pay and Inventory solution - find out more here.

Purchase-to-Pay & Inventory Solutions

  • eProcurement

    Automate your entire procurement process. Get the inventory you require where and when you need it at the agreed upon price.

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  • Accounts Payable

    Reduce the cost of invoice processing with automated 3-way matching of inbound invoices against electronic purchase orders and goods received notes.

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  • Inventory Management

    Get the information you need for perfect inventory control. Easily integrate purchase-to-pay, recipe engineering and POS data, and make better decisions.

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  • Recipe & Menu Engineering

    Get the best from your chefs and cut out every cent of unnecessary expenditure.

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Hospitality can sometimes feel like an inhospitable chore, trying to keep food costs in line, maintain proper inventory levels and staffing correctly for demand – not to mention rising workforce costs, broad macro-economic changes, technological disruption and customer demands and expectations that evolve quickly. So how do you address these back-office challenges?

5 ways to increase profits in hospitality

Written by: Andrew Levey

With rising food prices, minimum wage rises and increases in business rates, hospitality businesses are definitely feeling the pressure. So while external factors are uncertain and largely out of your control, where can you look internally to tackle these challenges and increase profits in hospitality?
Wahaca sees the main benefit of Fourth Analytics to be the improvement in decision making. We now get all the important data across our Fourth solutions, from labour data and payroll to GP and sales, all in one place, automatically delivered to us for our weekly meetings. All this consolidated information presented via graphical dashboards makes it easy for both head office and the operation to see what can be improved and act fast.

Melanie Stephens Management Accountant