Your restaurant, hotel or bar has very specific needs and drivers - and easily measuring the ROI of your systems is a must.

At Fourth, we are dedicated to hospitality. That's why our solutions are built to deliver the maximum return on investment possible. We understand your business and build you the tools you need to monitor key metrics, including ROI.

  • 3-6 time in months for ROI across all our solutions
  • 1-7% GP uplift via purchasing compliance, process efficiency and labor productivity

Purchase to Pay & Inventory

Automate your order-to-invoice process and significantly reduce the cost of trading with your suppliers.

Our purchase-to-pay & inventory software solution is the secret to total financial control. You get reliability through robust ordering, receiving and automated invoice management. Error-free trading delivers up to 3% improvement in purchasing compliance and up to 2% increase in process efficiency. These gains, combined with greatly reduced administration effort, enables HQ headcount to be reduced or redeployed.

  • Eliminates a typical 1-3% vendor overcharge
  • With 100% vendor rebate compliance, there’s no manual slippage: every order counts towards a rebate
  • 100% of invoices need not touched by human hand

Fourth Purchase to Pay & Inventory Solutions

Analytics & Data

Turn raw data into intelligence for faster, more accurate decision making, across all Fourth solutions.

Fourth Analytics for hospitality brings to life the insight derived from combining multiple data sources, in vivid, easy-to-use graphics. It's fast, accurate and flexible - and ROI is generated almost immediately from the wisdom it delivers. Fourth Analytics actively monitors and unlocks further value and knowledge from all Fourth solutions.

Fourth Analytics & Data Solution