Fourth helps you hire, train, remunerate and retain the best talent. Our mobile solution simplifies workforce management and helps managers handle every aspect of their staff - getting them out of the back office and to the front of house with their customers and teams.





Workforce Management Solutions

  • HR

    Get all of your HR information in one place in the cloud, give managers the tools they need to support their teams and ensure compliance with legislation, and provide self-service options to your employees.

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  • Workforce Planning

    Make even smarter workforce decisions - and see your profits rise, your speed of service improve and your customer satisfaction increase. Allow shift management between employees and managers on mobile devices.

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  • Employee Engagement

    Improve communication across your entire organisation. Give employees a simple way to access essential information in seconds via their mobile device.

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  • Payroll

    Get a payroll system specifically built for shift workers, variable hours, temporary staff, zero hours, CSP policies, additional payments, sign off processes and more. And a fully automated, completely compliant pension process. Or outsource the entire process to us.

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Workforce Management blog posts for you

Employee engagement drives productivity and customer satisfaction.

Written by: Simon Bocca, COO, Fourth.

For an industry where high turnover is the norm, it’s crucial operators keep employees engaged. Not only does it keep staff more productive, it raises attendance rates, improves customer satisfaction and cuts training costs. Every corporate culture is unique, and technology is at the vanguard of enhanced employee engagement.

Customer satisfaction: More than just good product and polite staff.

Written by: Karina Coen, Director, Fourth Labor Productivity.

In the hospitality business, customer service and satisfaction are imperative. But no matter how well your staff is trained, delicious your menu items are or how modern your décor is, the right interdependent systems and processes set you apart from the competition. Learn more here about the back-office and staff considerations that make all the difference.
Wagamama USA chose Fourth’s workforce management solution because it provides a single platform for us to manage the entire employee lifecycle – and, crucially, with fully integrated payroll.

Paul Oakley Finance Director US