Employee Engagement

Be connected, engaged and productive with Fourth Engage.

Actively engaged staff are happier and more productive. They offer better service, drive customer loyalty and deliver greater sales.



Meet Your Challenges

  • Retain and actively engage your most talented employees.
  • Keep them motivated, loyal and on-brand, regardless of role or location.
  • Share essential information.
  • Communicate regularly.
  • Create a strong culture for greater employee happiness.

Fourth Engage, the only engagement tool of its kind, makes it all happen. No more routine phone calls or outdated notice boards. Your employee management is simple with workers accessing essential information in seconds via their mobile device.

Key Benefits

  • Employees can connect anytime and anywhere, on any device.
  • Greater employee happiness and loyalty creates a strong employee culture.
  • New menus, information on new starters and new openings are easy to share.
  • The interactive Fourth Engage app can be branded for your company.
  • Fourth Engage supports better customer satisfaction through better service.
  • Reduced staff turnover increases profitability.


Self Service

The Problem
Employees have lots of questions regarding lost payslips, wages and schedule changes. With every query, there's a phone call to an already very busy manager. All this time spent helping employees hinders manager workflow and time spent at the front of the house with customers.

Our Solution
With Fourth employee management software, employees can see their payslips on their mobile device. They can also request Paid Time Off (PTO) and update their personal information, and view their shifts as set and approved on Fourth's smart scheduling solution.

Employees can view their payslips online, as well as updating personal information, requesting PTO and viewing their schedule.


Content Sharing

The Problem
Communicating in a fast-moving hospitality environment in real time with a workforce of transient, seasonal and often temporary employees is far from simple. Information on notice boards is out of date almost immediately. The result is that staff are out of loop most of the time.

Our Solution
Now you can share new menus, information on new starters and new openings in real time. Managers can send important announcements to employees, document libraries can be created, and HR Policies or Training Videos posted. Fourth Engage is your intranet at your employees' fingertips.

Content Sharing


Fourth mobile apps have content sharing and easy navigation



The Problem
To run smoothly, teams need to be able to collaborate easily and in real time. That's no easy task in a busy hospitality environment that's the opposite of desk-bound.

Our Solution
Now your area manager groups, director groups, individual site teams and cross-business teams can share and comment on information. Got a new menu? Chefs can share it with selected groups and invite comment. CEOs can send messages to the whole estate at the touch of a button. All of a sudden, the whole business is on the same page - how refreshing!



easy to access groups

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Fourth’s Workforce Management solutions are available in four Editions designed to meet the level of control you want, to deliver immediate ROI and provide scale as your business grows.


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All you need to run Fourth’s products is a device with an internet browser. Yup, that’s it.