High complexity hospitality payroll. Our speciality.

Multiple employments, varying pay rates, shift work, variable hours, temporary staff and PTO - it's all part of payroll in our sector.

Meet Your Challenges

  • Take away the hassle of payroll so you can focus on your business.
  • Fourth’s payroll service takes care of paying your employees, with no hidden costs.
  • Be confident that your employees are paid the right amount at the right time.
  • Easily manage all aspects of payroll for all your employees in a single system.
  • Powerful payroll analytics tell the story behind the data and enable better, faster decision making.

Key Benefits

  • On demand access to a dedicated, qualified Payroll Hospitality Specialist, specifically skilled in all complexities of hospitality payrolls.
  • Eliminate risk of penalties, as compliance with payroll legislation is looked after by Fourth.
  • Improved employee experience by replacing checks with payment cards, making it easier and cheaper for employees to access their pay.
  • Manage service charges and tips with complete compliance.
  • Eliminate risk of missing deadlines with Fourth making payments to employees, government agencies, states on your behalf.



Payroll Service

The Problem
Payroll in the hospitality sector is complex and the frequency of pay periods and various employment types, pay rates, shifts and variable hours make errors common. Rectifying payroll issues is not just difficult, it can also be damaging to employee relations.

The Solution
When you outsource your payroll to us, we take complete care of paying your employees with no hidden costs. The risk of penalties is eliminated as we handle all aspects of compliance with payroll legislation, and you'll have on demand access to a qualified Payroll Hospitality Specialist, specifically skilled in all the complexities of hospitality payrolls.

Our payroll service is built specifically to handle the complexities of payroll in the hospitality sector.


Employee Payments

The Problem
In order to keep staff happy and engaged, you need to make sure you’re paying them the right amount at the right time. But they also need easy access to their money, and with as few charges as possible.

The Solution
With our expertise and dedication to the hospitality sector, you can be confident your employees are paid accurately and on time. Fourth takes care of all payments to employees via direct deposit to their bank account, or through a payment card, which is lower cost to the employee than cashing a check, and has no additional cost to you.

Affordable Care Act

The Problem
Determining Affordable Care Act (ACA) eligibility for employees with flexible hours can be challenging and time-consuming, especially when combined with calculating and predicting your organization’s classification, and addressing the affordability (9.5%) test.

Our Solution
With Fourth’s eligibility reports, you can quickly and easily determine which employees meet the full-time equivalent (FTE) threshold. Your company size can be analyzed across any date range to make sure you’re delivering the right benefits in compliance with ACA requirements, while ensuring you are providing one of the three approved calculation methods for affordable and compliant healthcare options.

Tax Filing, Reporting and Payments

The Problem
Managing the various payments for federal, state and local taxes is another area of payroll that can take a lot of time and effort to get right.

Our Solution
With Fourth, we’ll collect the various taxes and pay them on your behalf, reporting the detail of these payments to the appropriate government body and to each of the states where there is a requirement. With less administration to worry about, you can focus on your business.

General Ledger Reporting

The Problem
You need to make sure that information around financial transactions are correct in your accounting system. Doing this manually not only takes time, but also risks errors due to rekeying information.

Our Solution
With Fourth, pre-built templates make sure uploading information to your accounting system is simple and accurate – and they can be customized to your specific requirements.

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I must tell you how impressed I am with your auto enrolment team. They were and are extremely helpful ... patient and ...understanding. This is an excellent example of going beyond the mile and making customer care so personal.Truly impressed.Many many compliments to them

Madura Namala HR Director

We chose Fourth Payroll because of its proven benefits of minimising payroll costs and saving employee office time. Our transfer to the new payroll system was very smooth thanks to the Fourth project team...Fourth should be commended on this achievement as well as the excellent training provided to our teams

Simon Wilkinson CEO


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