On-Demand Pay

Link Work and Earned Wage Access With Fuego

Fuego is a financial workforce app with a simple premise: Give wage earners early access to the money they’ve already earned and employers the ability to attract and retain the best talent. For life planning (and life’s many curveballs), employees no longer have to wait so long between paychecks. Now with Fuego, if they’ve earned it, they can cash it today. Employees can see what they’ve earned, what they will earn, and plan for the fun things in life too.

What makes Fuego different and better than any other On-Demand Pay solution?

It’s the only earned wage access app that seamlessly integrates with HotSchedules – the leading scheduling & labor solution in the hospitality industry.


Integrates with HotSchedules


View open shifts


See earning potential


Set budget goals


Access your paycheck

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Empower Employees With On-Demand Pay Flexibility

Employees can access their pay on their timeline and gain a forward-looking view into their earning potential for upcoming shifts. That means employers can give their people peace of mind and financial confidence to do their best work.

It’s the hot new way to pay, it’s on-demand pay. It’s Fuego.

Here’s to……Retaining Your Top Talent

Turnover is one of the most expensive parts of running a business. With same-day payments through Fuego, employees are more likely to stick with you for the long run.

Prefer working for employers that offer EWA

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Simplify Hiring By Heating Up Your Benefits Package

The hiring market is heating up. Fortunately, Fuego is even hotter. Same-day earnings access makes it faster and easier to fill any role.

Would be willing to switch employers for EWA

Visa Insights 2019 (EWA survey)

Seamless and free integration with HotSchedules

Fuego comes at no cost to integrate for businesses, and after a quick implementation process, Fuego on-demand pay is available inside HotSchedules.

No Questions Asked

An employee shouldn’t have to explain why they need their paycheck early. Fuego eliminates the hard conversations, so employees can access the money they’ve already earned.

Fuego™ – the app that keeps up with the hustle

Fuego links work to pay giving your employees peace of mind. Employees can take control of their hard-earned money, prepare for big financial goals, and enjoy payday flexibility.

Earned Wage Access

Early access to money earned through shifts.


Increased financial freedom


Full banking activities to unbanked and underbanked.


No cost On-Demand wage draws and early net pay

Financial Health

Financial forecasts, advice and external account aggregation.


Tools that help workers manage their money

Shift Access

Combined view of schedule, earnings and shifts for multiple jobs.


Improved management income and schedule

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