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Fourth’s Mobile Back-Office Tech Gives You Greater Flexibility – Learn how! HITEC Booth #2231

The Hospitality industry is buzzing about two disruptors these days: employee relations and automation. With labor shortages limiting operational throughput, hoteliers need to find new ways to attract and retain workers. On the other hand, as consumer demand grows for a seamless checkout experience, automating the guest experience is imperative. But what about the less visible but critical processes like procurement, inventory, and supply chain management?

Stop by the Fourth booth, #2231 at HITEC Orlando, June 27–30, 2022, and learn how our mobile technology creates experiences that make your workplace stand out, while driving procurement compliance, preventing manual process errors and giving your team time back to focus on customer satisfaction.

Join us Wednesday, June 29 from 11:15 – 11:45 am on Stage B for our Thought Leadership Session “The Virtual Hotel: Empowering Operations with Intelligent Automation” with our Senior Customer Success manager Adam Dattis and Doug Brownell from Plate IQ.

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More Than 3,000,000 Users Worldwide

Your busy hotel doesn’t have time for outdated inventory management – a modern, mobile technology solution can provide more than just an accurate count.

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Go Paperless and Mobile

Reallocate resources and reduce errors by automating the 3-way matching of invoices, electronic purchase orders, and goods received notes.


Reporting & Analytics

Our hotel inventory management solution includes an analytics module that provides the entire organization with meaningful data organized into intuitive and easy-to-read dashboards. Customize your view, then share information with your colleagues quickly and easily. Enjoy complete visibility at the property level and enterprise-wide roll-up reporting to harness centralized purchasing power, control costs, limit inventory saturation, and mitigate unavailability.

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Complete Back Office Integration

Integrate POS, menu publishing, accounting, and other proprietary systems for a complete back-office ecosystem that can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and enable your team to focus providing superior hospitality to every guest.

Centralized Inventory & Purchasing Control Powered by the Fourth Mobile Applications

Take control of your inventory costs and purchasing processes with an end-to-end, mobile supply chain solution that automates counting, purchasing, receiving, and invoicing. Ensure compliance through workflow budgeting approvals.
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Streamline Purchasing

Automated procurement processes save time away from guests, labor costs, and back-office inefficiencies. Use mobile apps and templates to streamline ordering so your inventory is delivered on-time, at the right price, ready for your guest’s every need.

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Predict Orders with Confidence

Reduce waste and improve productivity through assisted ordering. The auto replenishment capability means that reorders are calculated based on on-hand quantities, so you’ll reduce the risk of running low on key inventory items and only receive what you need.

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Integrate Vendors for Full Visibility

From punchout to EDI to web and email vendors, we make it easy to streamline purchasing in one portal.  Online catalogues transform the purchasing process allowing for product comparisons and price checks in real-time. 

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Real-time reporting capabilities and mobile dashboards support data-driven decision-making and transparency between in-store and above-store management. Keep track of critical KPIs including sales, inventory, cash, and labor through dashboards and standard operational reports supporting each back-office function. Direct access to your data is made possible through the Remote Data Store. Replicated in near-real-time, administrators can extract data for analysis in your choice of third-party BI tools.

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Financials and Cash

Track the movement of cash at every point, from customer payment at a POS to safe drops to bank deposits. With tools that monitor shorts or paid-outs, and confirm all amounts for shifts and the day, managers are able to quickly spot any issues and make corrective decisions that positively impact the bottom line.

Link Work & Pay

Fuego is a financial workforce app with a simple premise: Give wage earners early access to the money they’ve already earned and employers the ability to attract and retain the best talent. For life planning (and life’s many curveballs), employees no longer have to wait so long between paychecks. Now with Fuego, if they’ve earned it, they can cash it today. Employees can see what they’ve earned, what they will earn, and plan for the fun things in life too.

What makes Fuego different and better than any other On-Demand Pay solution?

It’s the only one that seamlessly integrates with HotSchedules – the leading scheduling & labor solution in the hospitality industry.


Integrates with HotSchedules


View open shifts


See earning potential


Set budget goals


Access your paycheck

Watch the Fuego Explainer Video




HotSchedules Scheduling & Labor Management

Reduce the time it takes to create, communicate, and manage employee schedules. Our tools help limit employee scheduling errors, shortages, and overages. Plus, POS-generated labor and sales data will make your employee scheduling more accurate than ever.

Demand Forecasting

Our back office solution uses an advanced algorithm to accurately forecast sales, guests, transactions, deliveries, and items sold in 60, 30, and 15-minute increments. With an accurate understanding of what is needed, managers can match scheduled labor with forecasted activity, increasing productivity and the ability to drive sales.

Sales & Labor Analytics

Save up to 2% in labor costs by analyzing over-spend and under-spend. Detailed reports help you to identify throughput and revenue opportunities.

Eliminate Scheduling Guesswork

Build more accurate schedules in a quarter of the time. Team members can suggest availability and shift swaps. Managers can approve or deny on any device with a single click.

Engage the Team and Limit Confusion

Access schedules, swap and pick up shifts, request time-off, approve shift transactions and communicate with team members, all on our full-featured mobile app.

Manage Labor & Compliance

Comply with complex, geographically-specific labor laws and manage to healthcare requirements. Avoid unnecessary overtime, fees and fines, payroll mishaps, early clock-ins, and employee turnover.

Employee Engagement

Happy employees = happy customers. Engaged teams are more productive, deliver better service, drive top-line sales, and are more likely to stay. Our solutions are designed to help you improve your company culture and retain your top employees.

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Encourage Collaboration

In-app messaging tools including broadcast messages and shift surveys boost engagement and team bonding – while keeping everyone in the loop.

Boost Brand Compliance & Communication

Easily share content and important information to ensure everyone is on the same page. This helps strengthen the culture within your business while maintaining compliance with brand policies, news, and updates.
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Enable Self-Service

Give the team easy access to your CEO’s latest message and their manager’s shift notes. The mobile app ensures that your team stays in touch with each other and your brand, where ever they are.
At PeopleMatter powered by Fourth, our mission is making it easy to find dependable, passionate, service-minded people. We have built powerful tools to point you to the best applicants who fit your brand and business needs. Regardless of your size, we will enable you to target the best talent, save your managers time by helping make smarter hiring decisions and onboarding, faster.

We streamlined the applicant process, reducing the friction to encourage a wider pool candidates. At the same time, we have tools to help you assess their fit for the role and your company. For managers, we have what you need to keep you focused on the task at hand – whether that is interviewing a prospective new employee or being out on the floor managing your team. We also have modernized the mobility platform so both you and your prospects communicate in real-time. No need to wait to get back to your desktop to send out that offer letter.

Mobile First Design, 95% of Hourly Worker Use Mobile for Job Search

Real time user engagement via SMS and email; hourly workers are 2X more responsive to text.

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Mobile-first, Mobile-optimized

Your candidates are on their phones and you are on the run.
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Text to Apply Function

Quickly and easily encourage walk-ins to apply for your open positions right from their mobile device.
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Location Manager

Managers and recruiters receive push notifications with applicant details after submittal, speeding up recruiting and reducing the risk of losing the best candidates.
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Filter, screen and manage candidates from one central dashboard. Managers see the whole process, so they can monitor, measure and track recruitment at every stage.
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Store HR data securely, in one place, Your team members get easy-to-use, permission-based, mobile self-service to update their personal details.


Complete, track and store onboarding paperwork and to-dos online. Built-in tools make sure everyone’s organized and compliant.
PeopleMatter Tablet

Fourth Workforce Management

Manage your workforce with a single sign-on, you can find, hire, onboard, train, schedule, and pay your team members.

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