Inventory Management for Hotels

Automate one of the most complex areas of hotel operations

Our inventory management solution, formerly known as Adaco, helps hotels like yours manage inventory, optimize purchasing, engineer profitable recipes and ensure brand consistency across the board.



Everything is automated, streamlined and totally compliant – ensuring that your business has the right products in the right place at the right price and time.


In a history that spans over 30 years, the solution has attracted more than 500 customers in 60 countries including North and South America, Europe and the Middle East, and processes more than $5 billion worth of purchasing annually.


Adaco also integrates with our Analytics solution to provide real-time meaningful data presented in ready-made key performance indicator reports and dashboards. Views are completely customizable and information can be shared quickly and easily, including reports on compliance, product comparisons and full-spend analysis by vendor.


Since 1985, hotels have relied on Adaco to streamline their purchasing, accounts payable, inventory and recipe and engineering functions.

Hotel Procurement & Inventory

Find out how hotel brands like Cafe Royal reduced food waste by 20%.

Drive Greater Efficiencies from the Inside Out

See how hotel leaders leverage Adaco to reduce operational complexities from recipe and menu engineering to procurement.


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Cafe Royal Case Study

The Hotel Cafe Royal team knew they had to take control of their technology landscape. After gathering feedback from peers, Aharonovich and team were directed to the Fourth inventory solution for hotels.

Increase Hotel Profitability Guide

It’s tough out there for hotels today. They face so many challenges! From increasing competition for guests, a high demand for sustainability, to environmental practices, to rising labor costs. There are ways to tackle all these, and more.

Reducing Waste Guide

Save the planet and your bottom line! Improper waste management takes a big toll on the environment, and on your profitability. Learn how waste impacts restaurants and hospitality businesses. And, how taking steps to save the planet can really pay off.

Mandarin Oriental Case Study

Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group has scaled operations and standards of service since the global hotel chain was first established in 1963. In 2012, it was time to invest in a new inventory and procurement solution that would enable continued success.


Operations Controller, Mandarin Oriental Group

“We chose Fourth because we needed our teams to be able to use a purchase to pay and inventory system on the go, without laborious manual, error-prone processes. I’d certainly recommend Fourth’s purchase-to-pay and inventory solution to other hotel groups. What sets Mandarin Oriental apart from other hotels is our attention to detail and our legendary service, and service is also one of the things that sets Fourth apart from the competition, too.”


Find out how hotel brands like Cafe Royal reduced food waste by 20%.