Labor Analytics

Turn Your Data into Insight. Now You Can Visualize, Interrogate and Interact with Vital Information in Seconds

Understand Your Labor Costs Like Never Before

You can’t optimize what you can’t see. Labor costs are rising and business models are changing. Get access to the information you need to adapt your labor model to fit the current environment and maximize your sales potential.



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Labor Analytics

  • Make sense of your aggregated labor data with easy-to-read graphs and charts.
  • See the variance between forecasted, scheduled, actual and optimal hours.
  • Monitor labor compliance risk and associated costs.
  • Highlight over and understaffing by the hour and day of the week.
  • Identify the highest and lowest performing restaurants and regions.

Finally, One Version of the Truth

When it comes to your staff, our workforce management analytics turn your data into real information. Now you can visualize, interrogate and interact with vital information in seconds.



Enjoy One View

View all HotSchedules data in one place – forecast projections, optimal labor, and benchmarks.



Spot Trends

Understand the impact of employee projects and policies, and spot key trends.


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Identify Opportunities

Identify efficiency opportunities, potentially saving up to 2% in labor costs.



See What's Important

See what’s important to your business with customizable dashboards.


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Get the Over-Under

See over- and under-spend with payroll analysis reporting.


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Benchmark Performance

Benchmark manager, store, and regional labor performance and then monitor improvements over time.


Built for Restaurants and Hospitality

Our platform has been serving this industry since 1999, so you can be confident that we have the depth of functionality you need. It’s hospitality technology redesigned from the inside out.

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