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Exclusive Bundle Offer for Performance Foodservice Group

HotSchedules (10% off) + Fuego (FREE)

Fourth is excited to partner with Performance Foodservice – a company that understands the restaurant industry and leverages industry technology & service providers with best-in-class solutions.

Fourth has served the restaurant industry for 20+ years with HotSchedules, the leading scheduling and labor management solution with over 2.5M users today. With HotSchedules you can:

  • Reduce labor costs
  • Optimize staffing with built-in demand forecasting
  • Equip managers and staff with the intuitive technology tools they need to feel engaged and empowered

Fuego, Fourth’s on-demand pay offering, seamlessly integrates with HotSchedules and increases retention by up to 36%. With Fuego you can:

  • Attract and retain talent with real-time access to pay
  • Inspire staff to not only show up for scheduled shifts but also pick up extra shifts
  • Reduce employee absenteeism and increase productivity by reducing financial stress

The integrated HotSchedules + Fuego bundle has been designed to help you attract and retain talent and successfully navigate the new labor model.

  • Visit Booth #51 at Foodcentric Experience to learn more about HotSchedules and Fuego.
  • Schedule time with one of our experts for a demonstration while at this year’s event.
  • Listen as Fourth’s CEO, Clinton Anderson presents insights on Attracting and Retaining Talent: How Technology Can Help You Win the Labor Battle at 9:15am on October 19th in the Marketplace.
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