PFourth Adds Six New Restaurant Groups to Its Growing Client Base, Expanding US Footprint in the Hospitality Management Solutions Industry

April 16, 2019

As the only provider of combined restaurant and hospitality HR, benefits and payroll services in the U.S., Fourth enables operators to simplify processes, optimize profits and improve employee engagement all while managing complex HR and payroll compliance. Its all-inclusive hospitality operations platform features workforce management and purchase-to-pay & inventory capabilities. Underpinned by predictive algorithms and machine learning, the Fourth platform provides advanced demand forecasting, enabling operators to reduce labor costs and boost sales.

“Shari’s chose Fourth because of its demonstrated, proven restaurant technology that enables us to replace multiple disparate systems across inventory, labor and payroll management servicing our 144 multi-brand restaurant operations,” said Sam Borgese, CEO & president of Shari’s. “Fourth’s approach to scheduling compliance, payroll processing, intelligent demand forecasting and the quality and immediacy of business intelligence and insights provides Shari’s the ability to reduce operating complexities in a single back office platform that is scalable to our future growth plans. In today’s highly competitive environment compounded by legislated and non-legislative increases in doing business, having an efficient, cost saving single BOH technology platform solution is business critical.”

Since launching in the U.S. in 2012, Fourth continues to grow and expand its offering, opening three new offices throughout New York and Florida, including its U.S. headquarters in Tampa. Additionally, in 2018, Fourth announced the acquisition of Choice HR, rounding out its full-service HR offering. To accommodate its rapid growth, Fourth will be recruiting an additional 25 employees to add to its 70-person team in New York and Florida.

“We developed Fourth to help restaurant and hospitality operators more efficiently run their business and scale profitably. As we continue to expand our offerings and enter into new markets, our vision remains the same and we’re excited to bring that vision to our growing list of clients in the U.S.,” said Fourth’s CEO Ben Hood.