Professional Employer Organizations (PEO)

What is a PEO?

Professional Employer Organizations offer co-employment arrangements to give small and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to achieve savings through economies of scale. With a focus on personalized service, Fourth PEO has deep roots in hospitality and other service industries. As a co-employer, our team can remove your payroll and HR administrative burden, limit the risk of non-compliance, and stop fines and employee lawsuits before they happen.
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Provide Better Coverage

Provide better coverage for your employees in terms and worker’s compensation.


Offer Better Benefits

Offer a more complete and competitive benefits package, including 401K options, by leveraging the co-employer’s network.

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Manage Claims

Investigate and resolve claims before they escalate.


Secure EPLI Coverage

EPLI coverage can protect you against harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination charges.


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A recent industry study found that the average savings from using a PEO is $1,775 per year, per employee resulting in an annual ROI of 27.2%.

IRS-Certified PEO

When evaluating a PEO, select one that has been certified through the IRS. The voluntary certification involves a thorough background and experience prerequisites, strict financial requirements, independent audit standards, and contractual conditions that shift potential tax-related exposures from the customer to the PEO.


Sun Pubs Operations Director

“In the first six months of working with Fourth, we have realized a company-wide savings of $40,000 on processing costs and fees alone. Now, Sun Pubs is on track to save $90,000 by the end of the year.” 

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