Big Bus Tours Case Study

Big Bus Tours was a business that was stuck in the past, using time-consuming methods to handle operations. When they decided to invest in labor management tools, there was a huge difference across the board with the overall happiness of the staff and management team.

Krystal Case Study

Krystal has been an institution in the South for more than 80 years. This quick-service brand serves freshly grilled burgers (as well as hot dogs, chicken, fries, milkshakes, and more) in more than 350 stores across 11 states.

Flix Brewhouse Case Study

Whether you want brunch and a rom-com or pizzas and the latest Oscar favorite, Flix can make it happen. Find out how Flix ensures that they’re training every team member to deliver fast, high-quality service, every showing with the help of Talent Development powered by SchooX.

Eataly Case Study Video

Watch the Eataly case study video to see how Fourth helped transform their procurement and inventory management practices, and increased profitability.