Restaurant Recovery & Growth Strategies

The National Restaurant Association called 2020 the most challenging year for restaurants on record. The COVID-19 pandemic created a grueling cycle of lockdowns, reopenings, and more lockdowns, forcing huge expenses, wide-spread layoffs, and new operational business models just to stay open and survive.

Labor Forecasting in the Digital Economy

Join Fourth Solution Consultants, Mary Hamilland and Marcie Tomlinson for an insightful discussion about how operators who have embraced mobile transactions, contactless service, and delivery can adapt their labor model to meet demand.

Compliance Q&A with Ogletree Deakins Labor Attorney

As if trying to keep their people and operations afloat during a pandemic wasn’t challenging enough, combative federal and regional updates have forced hospitality leaders into a dizzying cycle of crisis management.

Technology-First Culture – Smokey Bones Webinar

We spoke to Hal Lawlor, COO of Smokey Bones, to discuss the operational challenges they’ve faced during the pandemic, how they were able to grow a ghost kitchen model overnight, and how they intend on sustaining a successful footprint in this space by honing in on their technology-first culture.