Restaurant Recovery & Growth Strategies

The National Restaurant Association called 2020 the most challenging year for restaurants on record. The COVID-19 pandemic created a grueling cycle of lockdowns, reopenings, and more lockdowns, forcing huge expenses, wide-spread layoffs, and new operational business models just to stay open and survive.

Labor Forecasting in the Digital Economy

Join Fourth Solution Consultants, Mary Hamilland and Marcie Tomlinson for an insightful discussion about how operators who have embraced mobile transactions, contactless service, and delivery can adapt their labor model to meet demand.

Predictive Scheduling

Predictive Scheduling laws are spreading to new states -requiring employers to post schedules for their employees in advance. While these laws vary by state and locality, the workforce management mandates are certainly taking off.

Creating the Perfect Shift With HotSchedules

If you listed out your common schedule management challenges, you’d start to see a domino effect of issues that start small but quickly turn into factors leading to operational disruption. Kick off the journey to taking your scheduling to the next level.