Guide to Staying Competitive

Learn how to deliver outstanding guest experiences, attract new customers, and operate more efficiently. Read on to see ways to improve your profitability and help your restaurant get ahead.

Escape the 9 Circles of Restaurant Employee Scheduling Hell eBook

Let’s just say it — inefficient restaurant employee scheduling practices can be Hell for managers. Trying to manage schedules with spreadsheets, sticky notes, missed phone calls and text messages isn’t just a source of pain for your employees — it can also do more damage to your business than you might expect, including unnecessary labor spend, increased employee turnover and decreased customer satisfaction.

4 Keys to Successful Employee Talent Development

It is harder than ever for restaurants to retain employees. Granted, restaurant employee turnover has always been high — this is an industry with a tremendous amount of churn. But increasingly, hourly workers have more job opportunities thanks to on-demand work in the gig economy.

Invest in Online Training, Yield Dollars Tomorrow

In today’s oversaturated and extremely competitive market, restaurant owners and operators need effective training strategies to onboard and engage their employees—to get workers fired up about their jobs and their success.