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Workplace gossip influences an employee’s behavior and morale and undermines trust, affecting overall teamwork and relationships. Hear from Fourth’s Neida Vanecek, HMR-CP, SHRM-CP, as she discusses best practices for recognizing, addressing, and preventing gossip in the workplace.

The Department of Labor has strict rules about how tipped employees are to be paid. Learn key strategies for effective tip compliance and how to avoid payroll pitfalls and mistakes.

Workplace harassment is any unwelcome verbal or physical behavior, affecting one of the protected classes, that is offensive enough that it creates a hostile, abusive or intimidating work environment for a reasonable person.

Staffing challenges have forced many restaurants, retail stores, and hotels to limit hours or close entirely from a lack of workers. Keeping teams in place has become just as important to profitability as hiring them in the first place, and employers have scrambled to add perks and benefits to retain staff.