Best Practices in Crisis Communications

Furloughed, let go, ‘essential’ – regardless of employment status leaders have a responsibility to their teams to keep lines of communication open. With uncertainty being the one consistent thing most operations are dealing with, people are holding on to familiarity more than ever.

Hear from Peter Merriman, Chef and Owner of Merriman’s Restaurants and Kristen Zagozdon, SVP of HR at Cooper’s Hawk Winery on how they have put team engagement on the frontend of their ‘crisis management’ strategy in order to keep teams connected through the pandemic and beyond. They share:

  • How transparency has helped build trust with teams
  • How to remain true to your brand’s mission and values in a time of crisis
  • Maintaining an open dialogue for health and safety updates

Merriman's Hawaii Restaurant           Coopers Hawk Winery Restaurant

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