Case Study

Big Bus Tours Case Study

Learn why Big Bus Tours has decided to invest in labor management tools

Big Bus Tours Finds a Labor Management Tool That Moves With Them

Big Bus Tours was a business that was stuck in the past, using time-consuming methods to handle operations. When they decided to invest in labor management tools, there was a huge difference across the board with the overall happiness of the staff and management team. With the ability to clock in and out remotely, assign and track employees and automate payroll input, Hotschedules has become an integral part of the way Big Bus Tours runs its hop-on-hop-off business.

  • Scheduling was taking up too much time and using
    spreadsheets was inefficient.
  • They had no way for employees to clock in or out remotely.
  • Entering payroll manually was too time consuming.
  • HotSchedules
  • HotSchedules Webclock
  • Better company-wide communication for last-minute changes.
  • Saved three hours a week using HotSchedules time and attendance tools.
  • Managers use Hotschedules to assign and track team member location and forecast sales.
  • 100% user adoption.
  • Employees can punch their timecards remotely resulting in a better work-life balance.

Want to see how Big Bus Tours got these results?

I’m on HotSchedules every day between the PC and the app. I look at the roster, and it tells me who is supposed to be where and what time they’re supposed to be there… It’s very convenient because it keeps track of where people should be.

Mark Robinson

Tour Supervisor, Big Bus Tours-Chicago

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