Blaze Pizza

Read how Blaze Pizza used HotSchedules to cut down time building schedules, improve communication, and staff their stores more efficiently

Blaze Pizza Improves Communication with HotSchedules

Blaze Pizza is one of the hottest brands in the nation. In 2018, it topped Franchise Times’ Fast & Serious list, the pub’s annual ranking of the smartest-growing restaurants in the industry. In this case study, you’ll see how Blaze Pizza reduced their time to create schedules from 6 hours to just 1 hour using HotSchedules. Not only that, but now they don’t have the manager headaches around shift-swaps and time-off requests like they used to either.

  • Scheduling in Excel spreadsheets
  • Inconsistent modes of communication
  • Managers spending too much time on administrative tasks

  • Cut scheduling time from 6 hours to just 1 hour
  • Decreased manager headaches with shift-swaps and time-off requests
  • Streamlined communication with in-app messaging

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We wanted our managers to be more efficient and spend less time doing back office stuff. I can definitely tell we are scheduling more efficiently, so we have the right people on at the right times and that’s a win because it means better coverage.


Owner and Founder, R&J Restaurants (Blaze Pizza franchise group)

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