Labor Forecasting in the Digital Economy

How operators can adapt their labor models to succeed in the accelerated digital economy

BojanglesThere’s nothing like a global pandemic to force business model pivots, technology tipping points, and a re-evaluation of government policies. As we look ahead to a better year, we must stop and address how all of these changes impact the way we staff our restaurants and budget for labor.

Join Fourth Solution Consultants, Mary Hamill and Marcie Tomlinson for an insightful discussion about how operators who have embraced mobile transactions, contactless service, and delivery can adapt their labor model to meet demand. Special guest, John LoBuglio, Sr. Director Ops at Bojangles will share his 2020 experience and discuss how he managed the change and its impact on his labor needs.

This webinar will address use cases for both quick and full-service operators and discuss common operator questions:

  • How have the tasks in each job function changed? Are greeters sanitizing doorknobs? Are cooks packaging to-go orders?
  • How many customer-facing team members are required to accommodate your new channels and customers?
  • Are new roles needed to fulfill the list of operational changes you have made in your store?
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