Fourth Webinar: Compliance Fair Workweek

How to Optimize Your Workforce While Staying Compliant

Communities across America have rolled out Fair Workweek legislation, aimed at giving hourly workers more reliable schedules with greater advanced notice. While these laws provide protections and stability for hourly workers, the complex regulations expose restaurant owners and operators to possible fines, penalties, and even litigation for noncompliance.

Fourth’s team of experts will break down the common key through lines of Fair Workweek and talk about the real-world strategies to keep your restaurants compliant while avoiding the brand reputational damage and financial hazards that result from non-compliance.

Join us Wednesday December 8, 2021 at 1 pm CST, for a timely discussion with Debra Glassman, CPA, Fourth’s US HR & Payroll Specialist, and Chris Sundgren, Fourth’s Senior Product Manager for Workforce Management.

Our webinar will cover:

  • The complexity of understanding Fair Workweek laws/regulations.
  • What compliance with FWW looks like.
  • How to adapt business processes that help you manage and comply with FWW regulations.
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