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Joliet Slammers Stadium

Read how Joliet Slammers Stadium reduced labor costs with enforced clock-ins

HotSchedules Helps Joliet Slammers Reduce Labor Costs

Imagine running a single restaurant. Now, imagine running the equivalent of 12 restaurants and 125 staff members at the same time all in the same location.

That’s the challenge Tom Fremarek faces every day as the Director of Food and Beverage for the Joliet Slammers. With help from HotSchedules, Fremarek has been able to reduce overall labor cost, achieve faster scheduling and much more!

  • Using time-consuming paper methods to create and manage schedules
  • No centralized way for seasonal staff to access and manage their schedules
  • Manage schedules across a large venue with 125 employees
  • No centralized tool to communicate stadiumwide or employee-to-employee messages
  • Manual scheduling methods made it nearly impossible to change schedules based on weather or other events that impacted the schedule

  • Efficient scheduling for high-volume food and beverage program in large venue
  • Improved on-and-off shift communication between 125 employees and managers
  • Empowered young staff to manage their schedules with a work scheduling app
  • Reduced overall labor costs with enforced clock-ins
  • Centralized clock-ins, clock-outs and time and attendance management
  • Streamlined schedule and time punch exports and reduced errors

Want to see how Joliet Slammers Stadium got these results?

Rolling out HotSchedules was seamless. Sometimes there’s a learning curve when you put in new software, but the tools were easy to use and the staff loved it. It was a win-win for everyone.


Director of Food and Beverage, Joliet Slammers Stadium

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