Case Study

Sun Pubs Case Study

Learn why Sun Pubs made the move to automated labor management and outsourced HR and Payroll Services

Sun Pubs made the move to automated labor management and outsourced HR and Payroll Services, enabling teams to stay focused on improving business profitability and processes.

The Sun Pubs team powers each of the group’s 9 concepts with hospitality - and expects the same standard of service with their partners. After a tumultuous experience with a previous outsourced HR and Payroll Services provider, Sun Pubs was determined to find a single partner that could help them gain real-time visibility in store performance as well as act as an extension of their team for compliance and payroll management.

  • Lack of sales and labor reporting in order to effectively measure store performance.
  • Existing HR services were outsourced, but more time-consuming to manage.
  • Existing HR services lacked key functionality in the hiring process.
  • Outsourced HR services failed to provide support needed to run compliant, smooth operations.
  • $9,000 - $10,000 monthly labor savings at a single location.
  • $40,000 reduction in payroll processing fees in first 6 months.
  • Administrative relief for accounting teams who can now focus solely on finance management.

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At one of our beach front locations, we’ve cut labor costs by $9,000-10,000 a month because we built schedule templates based on forecasted demand in HotSchedules.

David Culhane

Operations Director, Sun Pubs


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