Take Full Advantage of the Global Reopening with Hotel Analytics

How operators can review their operational models in near real-time as global lockdowns ease and consumers travel again

It isn’t news to anyone how pandemic-related lockdowns have brought major instability to hospitality operations and a resulting inability to predict customer demand. Lockdown trends have varied from nation to nation, but the recent proliferation of vaccines portends a lifeline to world travel.

With hoteliers working through the challenges of preparing their facilities and staff for a re-imagined guest experience, operators are ever more sensitive to the impact managing inventory can have on sustaining their reopening strategies. Accessible analytics which overlay various data points throughout a single hotel/resort location or across multiple properties in a simplified manner allow every aspect of the procure-to-pay process to be monitored and actioned quickly — all necessary elements when forecasting in an ever-changing environment. Join Fourth Solutions Director Angela Hart, Fourth Director of Customer Success Adam Dattis, and Fourth Customer Success Manager Ryan Carroll for a timely and insightful discussion on how hotel operators can gain key insights into inventory management, recipe engineering, and procurement through a comprehensive analytics solution. This webinar will address use cases for hotel operators and provide the right questions all hoteliers must have regarding inventory management amid rapidly expanding (and often changing) demand trends:

  • How can an analytics platform help you determine what products are selling and at what profit margins?
  • What insights aren’t you gathering to evaluate vendor performance ahead of contract negotiations?
  • How is inventory analytics, overlayed with Point-of-Sale Transactional detail, providing rich insight into your guest’s behavior so you can anticipate their needs?
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