Texas Corral

Read how Texas Corral was able to reduce scheduling while also getting visibility into multiple schedules, reducing errors and shift overlap

Corralling People, Schedules and Compliance with HotSchedules

Pen and paper weren’t going to cut it for the 11-unit Texas Corral team. After piloting the HotSchedules Labor Management solution and seeing the immediate benefits of having scheduling, communication, and compliance all in one solution, they rolled it out across the entire organization.

  • Paper schedules and shift transactions made scheduling chaotic
  • Multiple schedules made it hard to see who was scheduled
  • Managers often scheduled the same person for two different job types
  • Little-to-no scheduling and communication standards across stores
  • Manager and employee communication was often scattered and hard to track

  • Manager reduced scheduling time from two days to two hours and got visibility into multiple schedules, reducing errors and shift overlap
  • General manager was able to build cross-training opportunities for employees to optimize staff based on sales and guest volume
  • Certification expiration tracking and alerts reduced risk of fines

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With HotSchedules, I can complete the week’s schedules in two hours and immediately communicate them out every Tuesday night.


General Manager, Texas Corral

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