The Truth About Dining Out Survey

We surveyed 1,000 people to get insight into dining habits. Get the scoop here in our Truth About Dining Out Survey results!

Americans love eating out. But dining habits differ from person-to-person based on a variety of factors. Age, location, income, and gender all play a role. With so many variables, how can restaurateurs meet every hungry customer’s demands?

To help you boost customer loyalty and develop winning strategies, Fourth surveyed 1,000 people across the country. They are casual diners, fine diners, stay-at-home diners and everything in between. If they love dining out – or enjoy having their favorite food delivered to their doorstep – you’ll find them here.

Keep your competitive edge and start preparing for the future with insights into:

  • Restaurant and dining frequency and spend.
  • The major motivators for dining out.
  • What hungry customers expect to find on your menu.
  • How quality of service and overall experience impact sales.
  • The rise of third-party delivery services.

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Get insight into Americans dining habits and gain a competitive edge.

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