Automate Inventory & Procurement Processes from Freight to Plate

Deliver The Product You Need, When You Need It, At The Right Price
Simplify your supply chain operations from recipe creation, inventory management, and menu engineering with a cloud-based and mobile solution. Fully integrated with POS and finance systems, this complete and proven back-office solution is accessible with a single login. Organization-wide visibility into performance and spend is made possible with pre-built and customizable dashboards that compile data from across the Fourth platform, the POS, and online reviews so you can understand customer preference and sentiment.

Centralized Inventory and Purchasing Control

Take control of your food costs and processes with a complete inventory software solution that includes mobile applications for counting, purchasing, and receiving. Consolidate and control vendor catalogues so that every manager can maintain compliance with purchasing standards while meeting their profitability and customer service objectives.

Escape the Back Office with Mobile Inventory

The Fourth inventory applications transform the tedious counting process, enabling staff to rapidly count what’s in front of them rather than what’s on the sheet. With a choice of both mobile and desktop apps, you can eliminate paper processes and reduce errors. Administrators see on-hand inventory in each outlet at any given time.


Count on the Go

Untie restaurant managers from the back office with a mobile counting solution. Reduce errors and speed up counting by completing counts both on and offline.


Transfer Product

Inventory management tools help you move stock quickly through the business, sharing the excess product with stores that need it, limiting waste throughout the organization.


Reduce Waste

Reduce waste by 1-3% through full accountability across all your inventory. Key metrics highlight the causes of waste, including over-portioning and theft, that require immediate action.

Recipe Card

Purchase & Receive with Ease

Purchasing can be a challenge to manage. But with our solution, you’ll know precisely what and how much product you need and when you need it. Purchase only from approved suppliers and pay only for what you order and receive. Your margins improve because it eliminates maverick spending, achieves total purchasing compliance, guarantees rebates, and reduces administrative overhead.

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Receive Wherever You Are

The mobile receiving app makes it easy to log orders wherever and whenever the delivery occurs. Features include automated cost allocation for freight and taxes, landed cost functionality, and the ability for receivers to capture ‘reason for change’ for each adjustment.

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Consolidate Catalogues

No other restaurant inventory solution has as many fully integrated suppliers. Automatic loading of products and prices removes unnecessary manual steps in your ordering process.

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Eliminate Paper Invoicing

Electronic proof of delivery ends paper delivery notes and speeds up the whole invoicing process.

Supplier-generated PDFs are converted to an e-invoice without the need for OCR and matched invoices are sent to accounts automatically whether they arrived via EDI feed, PDF, or direct entry.


Engineer Your Menus for Profitability and Guest Satisfaction

A suite of menu management tools helps culinary teams create menus without breaking the bank or limiting innovation. Proactively plan pricing, portions, nutritional value, costs, and margins then publish menus including nutrition and allergen intolerance information with a single click. Detailed reporting and smart analytics help you fully understand your menu’s profitability.


Recipe Library

Share a central, digital recipe library across the business to give your guests a consistently delicious experience at every location. Illustrate plating expectations with picture sharing capabilities.


Meet Nutrition & Allergen Compliance Obligations

Automatically calculate the nutritional value of your recipes from information entered manually, uploaded by suppliers, or downloaded from the globally recognized USDA and McCance & Widdowson databases. Accurately label dishes with nutritional information and update automatically with every menu change.

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One-Click Menu Publishing

Menus and nutritional data is automatically updated directly to the channels where your menus are viewed, including electronic signage, the staff’s tablets on-site, your website and apps, the POS system, and more.


Cross-Departmental Engagement

Stay connected with a mobile engagement app that enables team communications and serves as a centralized access point to mobile applications and shared documents. Communicate new processes, vendors, and menus with the broader organization.

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Make Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time reporting capabilities and analytics dashboards support data-driven decision-making and transparency between culinary, purchasing, and above-store management. Centralized menus and preferred vendors keep restaurants on-brand and working with approved suppliers. Keep track of critical KPIs, including demand, inventory, cost of goods, and menus through pre-configured dashboards supporting each back-office function.

Complete your Back Office with Labor Management from Fourth

It’s never been more important to have a single source of truth for prime cost management and restaurant performance. Our back-office solution is paired with the industry’s gold standard for scheduling, employee engagement, and labor optimization in use with over 120,000 restaurants today. We can recommend a localized solution that meets your specific labor scheduling, time management, and compliance requirements.

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