Power every aspect of your retail stores with the ultimate workforce management suite

Find and onboard your talent with PeopleMatter

Manage schedules, time, and attendance with HotSchedules

Use our payroll and PEO services to better manage your team

Trusted by some of the biggest retail and hospitality brands

“Our operators do not spend time at the computer, they don’t want to be sitting in the office. Ease of use for them is the most important. We need them to be as quick as possible, as few clicks as possible, and they all really like both HotSchedules and PeopleMatter for that reason.”

Mandy Kramer, Senior Manager of Systems & Support, Texas Roadhouse

Give your retail managers the tools they need to succeed with HotSchedules.

Save time and make more money

Let managers focus on customers and their team by cutting down on time spent scheduling.

Quality of life benefits for your employees

Easily accommodate shift transactions, integrate work schedule with your calendar app, and message coworkers and managers.

Get a top-level view of your retail performance

Gauge forecasted sales, optimize shifts based on the busiest parts of the week, and create benchmarks for each location.

Bring on new team members and know you can grow with PeopleMatter.

Reduce friction when hiring

Quickly vet and talk to potential hires using features like custom candidate pipelines, direct-to-interview, and two-way texting.

Post your jobs anywhere

We integrate with Indeed, Snagajob, and more hiring boards to serve your jobs to a wider audience and attract more talent.

Onboard fast and move right into training

Safely store your HR data and knock out critical onboarding paperwork with your new retail hires.

PeopleMatter computer and mobile phone

“Fourth is extremely important for us to modernize our business, make it as agile and as competitive as possible in a highly disruptive market. We experienced about five percent in labor efficiency improvement adopting Fourth’s platform. Take a chance. The benefit will surprise you.”

Ran Zou, Senior Transformation Manager, Jardine Restaurant Group

Cover all your bases with HR and PEO services powered by Fourth.

A payroll partner you can count on

Cut down on time to complete payroll and focus on managing your business.

Protect your business and employees

Meet compliance thresholds and stay up to date on local, state, and federal regulation changes with our comprehensive support.

Build your own solution

Only engage the services you need, including payroll processing, deductions, tax filing, and reporting.

Familiar to your employees, secure, and chock full of great integrations for your retail concept

Integrate Fourth into your existing payroll, POS, and HR systems

Link our most popular offerings like HotSchedules and PeopleMatter with your existing retail stack. We integrate nicely with many leading point-of-sale, HRIS, payroll, and hardware providers, making the switch to our platform effortless.

Your data security is our primary concern

Staying compliant is crucial in today’s retail world. Protect your team and your industry data with Fourth’s superior encryption and data protection practices.

A memorable face for your hourly employees

With over two million existing HotSchedules users, you can bet many of your employees have used our software before. Count on them picking up right where they left off so you can get down to business and they can get back to loving their scheduling and onboarding experience.

Globally Recognized Workforce Management Software

Frequently asked questions about our retail-focused products

What is retail employee scheduling software?

Employee scheduling software is software that automates, simplifies, and improves the scheduling and reporting experience of your business. Many retail managers may spend hours putting together schedules each week. With HotSchedules, you can determine the availabilility of your employees, offer quality-of-life improvements to staff like shift swapping, handle time and attendance, and get actionable insight from reporting that will steadily improve your business.

What reductions in staffing costs can be expected when using Fourth's workforce management platform?

Many of our customers experience overall cost savings of between 2 and 3 percent when implementing our product.

How well do you work with new integration partners?

We love new integration partners! We work with a variety of POS and other providers to ensure your data gets from place to place smoothly.