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Hire Faster, Plan Effectively, Schedule Reliably, Pay Accurately & On-Demand

Turn Challenges into Opportunities with a Connected Workforce Solution

Hiring Talent Fast
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Hiring Talent Fast

Recruitment challenges impacting store efficiency? Are your store managers spending too much time away from the shop floor scanning resumes, screening applicants, and scheduling interviews rather than spending time with their candidates? Are they losing local talent to competitors due to lengthy admin bottlenecks?

Empower store managers to find the right talent and hire faster with a solution that streamlines the recruitment process from start to finish to reduce time to hire, cost of hire, and win talent by delivering a great candidate experience.

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Right Planning, Right Scheduling

The battle to win customers is fierce and driving foot traffic means consistently delivering a shopping experience that meets the ever-evolving needs and increasing higher expectations of the customer.

To do this you need to have the right number of staff performing the right operations, at the right time to meet customer demand, while managing growing labor costs. Striking the right balance is key to success but this gets challenging when customer demand is so variable.

Effective labor planning and reliable scheduling are core elements in building an engaged workforce that delivers a winning customer experience.

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Right Planning, Right Scheduling
Paying Accurately & On Time
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Paying Accurately & On Time

Paying staff accurately and on time is vital to building a loyal workforce but a challenge when dealing with variable shift patterns, varying tax allowances, and temporary seasonal positions that risk payroll errors, labor & wage rule breaches, and late staff payments.

Overcome the complexities by unifying your payroll process into one streamlined automated service that simplifies your payroll making it easier, faster, and more accurate. Backed by a team of payroll experts who are there to reduce the administrative overload.


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Path to Flexible Pay

Putting on a smile and going that extra mile to help customers get the most from their shopping experience can be hard when the staff is struggling with financial worries.

Increased living costs and unexpected expenses weigh heavy when payday is a long way off.

Ease that burden by giving staff the flexibility to access their earned wages and the freedom to decide when they want to get paid to increase staff wellbeing & retention and build an empowered & loyal workforce.

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Path to Flexible Pay

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