Can’t Touch This

Flashback to 1990, and it seems MC Hammer was peering into our future when he said, “I told you, homeboy, you can’t touch this.” Among the many reopening challenges you now face is how to get your staff clocked in during a time…

Two Independent Restaurateurs Share Reopening Lessons Learned

Recently, we were fortunate enough to be able to sit down to a virtual chat with two independent restaurant owners who are trying to navigate the re-opening process in the world of COVID. David Cash, owner of Dallas-based Smoky Rose and Dan Fugman, owner of Denver-based Max Gill and Grill, shared their experiences and how they are preparing for the new normal. 

Getting Back to Work – in HotSchedules

Many full-service restaurateurs are cautiously evaluating consumer interest and local health updates to determine when they will open their doors. As you wrestle with the question of when to reopen your business, here are a few tips for bringing your team back on to HotSchedules.