Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from HotSchedules

Click here for the latest Coronavirus updates from HotSchedules


Getting Back to Work – in HotSchedules

These quick tips will help ease the scheduling process as your staff comes back.

About half of the states opened their economies over the last couple of weeks with varied capacity restrictions and safety protocols. Many full-service restaurateurs are cautiously evaluating consumer interest and local health updates to determine when they will open their doors. As you wrestle with the question of when to reopen your business, here are a few tips for bringing your team back on to HotSchedules.

First things first – make sure they are active in HotSchedules.

With 67% of restaurant employees on furlough, managers will likely need to do a little bit of housekeeping in HotSchedules to get back up and running. Your employees could simply be inactive or maybe they need to be “rehired” and added back into HotSchedules and your POS. We put together this quick video to explain how to activate your team and get them back on the floor.

Forgot your password?

After an extended absence from work, managers can expect several conversations about lost passwords or logins to HotSchedules. Solve this problem quickly and easily by pointing your team to this article on recovering your credentials. Managers can also quickly reset it for the team member by following these instructions here.

Update staff availability for easy scheduling.

Hopefully, you have stayed engaged with your furloughed team members while using the messaging features available in HotSchedules. Now would be a great time to send out a broadcast message and ask them to update their availability. Some may have gotten part-time jobs or gig work. Your minor team members are likely out of school and available at different times. Up-to-date availability will make creating that next schedule so much easier.

We hope these tips and resources will help your team get back into the swing of things. If there is something else we can help you with, check out our support center. As always, our customer care team is here for you by phone or email around the clock.

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