Ensuring Compliance with the FDA Food Labeling Regulations

Understand how FDA Food Labeling Regulations impact your restaurant

Have you heard of the FDA Food Labeling Regulations? Is your restaurant compliant? Not sure? Don’t worry, we can help.

The FDA has required labeling for packaged foods for awhile. They’ve recently expanded the regulations, however. These laws require certain types of restaurants to provide nutrition and calorie information for guests. Non-compliance comes with hefty fines.

According to the USDA, Americans consume 1/3 of their calories away from home. The new food labeling laws are designed to help people make healthier choices when they are dining out.

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  • Which types of businesses the Food Labeling regulations affect
  • What these regulations involve and what you need to do
  • The challenges to compliance. And, what steps to take to ensure compliance
  • How technology can help ease compliance
  • Other benefits the right technology brings to your business

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