The Fourth Awakens


For Star Wars fans across the galaxy (at least those who use the Gregorian calendar), May the Fourth was a rallying point to commemorate the beloved franchise. At Fourth, we took it a step further, dedicating the day to showing solidarity with the restaurants and servers vital to our communities.

May the Fourth - Clinton Anderson

As a show of the way we stood by our customers throughout the pandemic, we asked our employees to eat local and support their favorite eateries however safely possible. At our offices in Austin, London, Sofia, and Denver, our teams added to the impact through various volunteer and charitable campaigns.

The results of #MayTheFourth strengthened the bonds with our customers, communities, and colleagues.

Celebrating & Supporting Local Eateries

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Similar to the Austin team, volunteers from the Sofia office spent the day packaging and delivering meals to seniors in the rural village of Mramoren, Bulgaria. The team delivered over 1,500 pounds of food to these seniors, spreading Easter cheer in the process.

The teams in London and Denver, reduced in opportunity amid tighter lockdown restrictions, opted to raise money for local charities focused on assisting laid-off hospitality workers and addressing food insecurity.

In total, all our offices visited more than 350 customers and raised over $4,000.


The Results

Members of the team in Austin spent the morning of May the Fourth volunteering at the Central Texas Foodbank, packaging meals for individuals and families in need.

  • 559 boxes prepared and packaged
  • 8,934 lbs. of food handled
  • 7,450 meals ready for distribution

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