• Hey Valentina​, based on the sales forecasts for next week, you need to schedule two more front of house staff for Saturday.
  • Confirmed.

Fourth AI Platform

AI driven insights and actions to conquer the day.

Watch as your profits soar with the world’s leading AI‑powered restaurant solutions.

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Let your people focus on what they do best.

The creativity, innovation and human connection of your people is what makes your restaurant unique. But running a modern restaurant business keeps getting tougher. Your people are weighed down by vast quantities of data, glued to their laptops for hours on end.​

The Fourth AI platform empowers your people to make quick and accurate decisions. Ensuring your business continues to have a competitive advantage, while giving them time to focus on what they do best.

Embed AI across your entire restaurant operations.



AI powered scheduling that empowers your managers to accurately forecast demand and build optimal schedules. Slash admin time, minimize labor costs, and ensure you meet the needs of your customers and employees.

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  • Hey Maya, we predict your weekly schedule is over budget, here are some suggestion hit your target.
  • View suggestions.
  • Hey Gabriel, based on the latest sales forecast, I suggest you need 40lbs more tomatoes for next weekend.
  • Approved!



AI Forecasting launching in Spring 2024! Take control of your inventory like never before. Manage costs, avoid stock outs and reduce food waste by harnessing AI Forecasting across every facet of your inventory management.

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Spend less time managing job postings with AI-powered programmatic bidding on job ads. Ensure they only run during the most favorable times of day, reducing cost per hire and increasing the pool of quality applicants.

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  • Hey Monica, your job ad has been placed on Facebook, as this is the top performing channel.
  • Perfect!

The Fourth AI Platform advantage

No more trawling through data, we give you real-time AI predictions and insights.

Save time and grow profits with AI-driven augmented and automated decision-making.

Track the improvement in your KPIs, with above-store insights that drive in-store actions.

Our customers are achieving great results.


Sales boost


Reduction in over scheduling


Accuracy improvement


Decrease in time to process invoices

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Fourth AI Platform

Gives you everything you need to harness AI in your business.

  • Seamlessly integrates and combines data.
  • Harnesses AI to create powerful predictions and next best actions.
  • Puts AI driven decision making into the hands of your people.

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How Chili's is Improving Forecasting Accuracy by 20%

Join Brinker International and Fourth for a lively discussion on how AI is improving their forecasting accuracy, helping them to deploy the right labor at the right time to reduce labor budgets and boost sales.

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See how Noodles & Company served a world of flavor while saving millions of dollars in labor with Fourth.

Amid the dynamic restaurant industry, an ongoing challenge is accurate demand forecasting. Relying on traditional models leads to scheduling errors and inefficiencies. Why?