Workforce Management Solutions for Service-based Retailers

Service-based retailers are evolving fast. HotSchedules helps you stay ahead of the pack with smarter scheduling proven to reduce labor budgets, increase sales, and reduce employee turnover.

Delivering exceptional customer service with smarter scheduling

Competition is fierce, margins are tight, and customer expectations are evolving. To come out on top, service-based retailers need engaged employees who deliver exceptional customer experiences while understanding the financial impact of workforce deployment.

HotSchedules combines AI-powered demand forecasting, labor optimization tools, and employee engagement tools to help service-based retailers shift into smarter workforce management practices.

Together, we can serve customers with speed, lower your labor budgets, and drive employee happiness so you can conquer every day.

Car Wash Operators & Auto Services

The one thing sweeter than a clean car is knowing your teams are ready to service your customers with speed.

With HotSchedules, you can confidently plan for future demand, service more cars in less time, lower your labor costs, and grow your memberships at an unprecedented scale.

HotSchedules for the Auto Industry

Sports Entertainment & Family-Fun Destinations

From activity-based attractions to food and beverage sales and variable demand patterns, there’s a lot of factors managers must consider when managing team members.

Whether you’re in the business of hole in ones, homeruns, or strikes, Fourth has the workforce management solution to help you predict future demand, deploy your labor effectively, and increase sales.

HotSchedules for the Entertainment Industry

Chain Salons

Labor shortages have had a lasting impact on the salon industry, with 100% of salon owners citing talent shortages as a top business concern in Fourth’s 2023 US retail survey.

But with AI-powered demand forecasting, labor optimization tools, and auto-scheduling from HotSchedules, every location can make the best use of your team, easily and efficiently deploying the right people at the right time. And with the #1 rated employee app, built-in communication tools, and access to on-demand pay, those same team members will never want to leave.