HotSchedules vs Restaurant365

Trying to choose between HotSchedules and Restaurant365 for your employee scheduling software? We’ve got you covered.

This comparison between the two restaurant management platforms has all the information you need to choose the right product for your operational needs.

HotSchedules vs. Restaurant365: Key Takeaways

  • Enterprise-level restaurant operators consider HotSchedules for its ability to streamline operations, manage and forecast labor costs effectively, and integrate real-time sales data through a seamless POS integration
  • With its simple back office integration capabilities in accounting and inventory software, Restaurant365 is especially suited for those prioritizing financial operations and food cost management
  • HotSchedules’ more robust compliance tools help restaurants adhere to local and federal FairWorkWeek and Predictive Scheduling labor regulations
  • HotSchedules’ patented geo-fencing technology helps to prevent employee time theft, enhancing overall profitability

Use Cases

When should you choose Restaurant365 vs. HotSchedules?

Ideal for businesses seeking integrated accounting tools: Restaurant365 is perfect for businesses that need a robust financial management system that integrates with restaurant operational management tools. It is particularly well-suited for smaller chains or operations confined to a single state that may not need the extensive compliance and advanced forecasting capabilities offered by HotSchedules. The platform’s strength lies in its ability to consolidate various operational needs into one system, which simplifies processes for businesses prioritizing financial operations.

When should you choose HotSchedules vs Restaurant365?

Essential for multi-state chains needing robust scheduling and compliance tools: HotSchedules is built for large, multi-chain restaurants that require a comprehensive solution for managing operations across multiple states and locations. Its robust features, including advanced AI for sales and labor forecasting, built-in compliance tools to avoid fines, and geo-fencing technology to prevent employee time theft, make it invaluable for big businesses aiming to optimize budgets and profitability. Furthermore, HotSchedules’ reputation for providing superior technical and account support ensures that large establishments receive the assistance they need to run smoothly.

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Key Feature Breakdown

HotSchedules Restaurant365
AI sales forecasting
AI labor optimization
Accounting optimization
Simple, transparent, and scalable pricing
POS integrations
Mobile apps for staff
Custom support when you need it
Manager log book
Free time clocking app
Automatic shift reminders
Access to earned wages
Proof of pay stubs
Hiring tools
Cloud based
Android/iOS mobile app
Support for Windows/Mac

Customer Success Stories

Noodles & Company

Labor forecasting accuracy increased by 20%, and Noodles & Company reduced labor spend by $4 million, further optimizing their operating model

Smokey Bones

Saved 30+ hours per week in back-of-house operations with HotSchedules forecasting and analytics solution

Ford's Garage

Decreased scheduling time by 30% and simplified scheduling with HotSchedules

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Based on feedback from restaurants that have used both platforms, here are the major differences between the two platforms.

The top reasons why restaurants switch from R365 to HotSchedules

Local complianceEliminate compliance risk across locations

HotSchedules offers extensive support for labor laws across various cities and states, protecting your multichain restaurant against violations through built-in integrations with local compliance laws. In contrast with Restaurant365, where compliance tools are secondary to their accounting component, HotSchedules eliminates the hassle of managing legal nuances across different jurisdictions.

Sales and labor forecasting
The future is already here

With AI-driven insights, HotSchedules helps with labor optimization and operational efficiency, providing analysis and foresight beyond the scope of Restaurant365. This feature allows you to not just react to market conditions, but proactively manage your workforce with greater precision. HotSchedules leverages advanced technology to predict and plan for future sales and labor needs, ensuring that your restaurant is always prepared for what’s next, minimizing waste, and maximizing efficiency

Role-based scheduling
Get the right employees on the job

Creating great schedules is more than filling time slots. HotSchedules automates optimized schedules that balance labor needs with employee roles, skill levels, and sales forecasts. This capability is finely tuned

Geo-fencing timeclock
Keep your employees accountable

Protect your bottom line by enforcing employees’ adherence to schedules. HotSchedules’ patented geo-fencing technology prevents time theft from employees clocking in early, off-premise, or remotely through a co-worker. This direct approach to managing onsite presence is a step ahead of systems like Restaurant365, which may not offer such advanced on-site management tools. By ensuring that staff are only clocking in when truly present, HotSchedules not only enhances operational integrity but also significantly boosts profitability.

Dedicated Support
Support is just a call away—24/7

HotSchedules ensures customer success with unmatched technical and account support. This dedicated support means that any issues are swiftly addressed, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations. HotSchedules provides a hands-on, always-available service team to keep your restaurant running smoothly around the clock.

Why HotSchedules

When every hour of every shift matters, Fourth helps you conquer the day. Our intelligent technology and solutions remove the complexity from your day by simplifying and streamlining your operations so you can get back to doing what you do best – serving up excellent customer service.

Everybody Wins with HotSchedules

The Manager Experience

Utilize task management features and notifications while scheduling to ensure food safety and compliance.

  • Intuitive interface with drag-and-drop feature
  • Demand forecasting in 15-minute increments to schedule faster and deploy smarter
  • Messaging to individual team members or groups and blast broadcasts to all employees
  • Easy approval of shift transactions
  • Compliance notifications and alerts while scheduling
  • End-of-shift surveys to spot turnover risk and pulse surveys to give staff a safe space to voice opinions

The Employee Experience

Enjoy a 5-star rated mobile app on both iPhone and Android, which integrates with Google Calendar, enhancing the ease of use. This integration helps in managing labor costs and workforce automation more effectively.

  • 5-star rated mobile app
  • Ability to easily swap, drop, and pick up shifts
  • Time-off requests built into the app
  • Integration with Google Calendar and more
  • In-app messaging that protects personal contact information
  • 365/24/7 support

Advanced Analytics

Metrics from POS systems help monitor menu items’ performance, sales data, and labor compliance risk. Customized dashboards display KPIs and forecasts, aiding in strategic decision-making.

  • Customized dashboard for KPIs
  • Numerous automated reports – forecast projections, optimal labor, benchmarks, and more
  • Visibility into the highest and lowest-performing restaurants and regions
  • Monitoring of labor compliance risk and associated costs

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