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The Noodles & Company story

Since 1995, Noodles & Company has been squarely focused on nourishing and inspiring every team member, guest, and community it serves. From globally inspired noodle bowls to service to the way the company conducts business, the casual dining operator believes its fresh, unexpected, and human perspective sets it apart. With more than 450 restaurants in 26 states and more than 8,000 team members, the company has been recognized for their unique approach, named one of America’s Best Employers for Diversity by Forbes, and included in the Best Places to Work ranking by the Denver Business Journal.

Expanding beyond Excel

Noodles & Company faced the challenge of managing growth effectively. From food prep to closing, they struggled with scheduling the right staff, impacting their margins. Noodles managers desired more guest time and less schedule management. Their manual system was time-consuming and fragile. Access to schedules was difficult for part-time employees, and turnover was an issue. Managing change and communication proved challenging.

Conquering the day with Fourth

To conquer these challenges, the Noodles & Company executive team turned to Fourth, a scheduling solution provider they knew from previous companies. They believed Fourth’s HotSchedules offered the right expertise and labor solutions. Smart modeling and advanced scheduling helped optimize staffing levels, and the user-friendly app enabled real-time communication with thousands of team members. Fourth’s analytics and AI-powered tools identified significant cost savings.


The results were transformative. HotSchedules delivered the right staff in the right positions at the right time. Employees fully embraced the app for communication, making it the primary channel for company information. Labor forecasting accuracy increased by 20%, and Noodles & Company reduced labor spend by $4 million, further optimizing their operating model.

IndustryFast-Casual Restaurant
ProductsHotSchedules, Labor Optimization, AI Forecasting
SolutionsWorkforce Management, Advanced Analytics
Customer Since2018

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